VIŠŇOVÉ TUNEL (Part of the D1 Lietavská Lúčka – Višňové – Dubná Skala project)

Contractor: Joint Venture – SALINI IMPREGILO 75% and DÚHA, a.s. 25%
Construction time: 6/2014 – 12/2019

With the total length of more than 7.5 km, the Višňové tunnel will be the longest tunnel in Slovakia and part of the 13.43 km section of the D1 motorway Lietavská Lúčka – Višňové – Dubná Skala being built by the Salini Impregilo – Dúha consortium. The Višňové tunnel will have two drive-through tunnel tubes with the third tube serving as an exploration gallery for tunnel draining.

The maximum permitted speed in the tunnel will be limited to 100 km/h. The maximum sloping of the tunnel will be 2.9%. The total descent from the highest point in the tunnel to the eastern portal reaches 154 m.

The Višňové tunnel passes under the Hoblík hill and after more than seven kilometres, at the Dubná Skala junction, it joins in the full motorway profile to the next part of D1 – the Dubná Skala – Turany section.