From visions to reality.



It is important for us to deliver the best and the most professional performance. We are constantly working to improve and deploy state-of-the-art technologies, so that our partners can rely on the professional execution of works to the highest standard.

Quality: We provide an uncompromised quality.

Fairness: Our company respects fair play and maintains professional relationships with our business partners and suppliers.

Flexibilita: We believe it is important to be a stable and responsible partner in all aspects. As a company managed in Slovakia, we are able to adapt to the local market requirements, legislation and our partners and suppliers. Be it project preparation or the actual implementation, our partners always know they can rely on us.


Shareholders: By fulfilling our vision, we give shareholders a guarantee of continued growth and long-term sustainability of the company’s market value.

Employees: Expertise and personal engagement of employees at all positions is a prerequisite for improving the quality of our products, services, processes and the prosperity of our company. We pay a great attention to education and training.

Environment: Our goal is to manufacture products and manage processes in a safe environment, in an environmentally sound manner and in compliance with valid legislation.

Product manufacturing: We deliver an uncompromised quality.

Collaboration with suppliers and customers: We want to be the best choice for our customers and the greatest challenge for our suppliers.

Innovations: We use available information, collaboration with our customers, and the company’s scientific and technological potential to increase the share of new and innovated processes, to improve technological processes and to make more efficient use of resources.

IT: We use available information technologies and diligent information analyses to support our decision making.

Finance: We want to be a company that meets all of its commitments on time and produces enough funds for company development.

Community: We openly and actively communicate with authorities, organizations and other public stakeholders in the region and in Slovakia. We are politically independent.