Operating on the Slovak market since 1989, DUHA has started with a portfolio of services related to small wastewater treatment systems. As the company grew, in 1992 it transformed into a limited liability company. The joint stock company Dúha, a.s. was established pursuant to Section 163 of the Commercial Code by a founding agreement dated 26 April 1994, and it officially started to exist by its entry into the Commercial Registry on 27 May 1994. Based on this legal status, the company acquired legal personality in its entirety.

In the early years of its existence, the company’s core business was the preparation of project documents and the implementation of existing waste water treatment technologies. Since then, the company has expanded its business to environmental facilities operation, geodetic and geological works and construction, engineering and investment projects.

At present, Dúha, a.s. is the fifth largest construction company in Slovakia. It works together with strong Slovak and international partners in the construction of buildings, tunnelling and building of tramways.